Q: How do I logon?
A: Once you are on the home page of the site you will see two buttons: one labelled 'login' and one labelled 'register'. If you remember your login and have used us before, enter your details in the white boxes and click on log in. If you are a new user, click on register. When the page comes up enter your details in the required fields and click on save.
Q: I have forgotten my password.
A: You can either re-register or click on 'Retrieve password' located above the login button. This will then be sent directly to the email address you used to register.
Q: Can I have a bespoke item?
A: We can print bespoke products for you; please email your request to printexperts@printwell.co.uk (There is usually an extra typesetting charge).
Q: How can I be sure my online order has gone through?
A: If your online order has gone through successfully the status in your order history will read 'on order'. You will also receive an order confirmation at the email address you registered with. If the order has failed or you are unsure and didn't receive a confirmation, the order status will read 'delayed'. You will need to re-send your order.
Q: I can't use the site, it keeps kicking me out.
A: Please check the following:

1. Our site is designed to work with Internet Explorer and Firefox. If you are using something else the site may keep crashing.

2. You need Adobe software to enable you to view PDF's. Click on the 'help' button and you will find a pdf link to enable you to download Adobe software.

3. If you are using both the above, it may be your internet connection, in which case try another computer to see if you have the same result.
Q: How can I cancel my order?
A: If you want to amend your order, you can either cancel it and re-order (there will be a £10 administration charge for this, if you cancel within a day of placing your order we will not charge you) or we can re-typeset your order (there is usually a £15 extra charge for this service).
Q: I've had a problem with my card payment and now my basket is empty when I return. Where has all my work gone, do I have to start all over again?
A: Your basket is empty but if you look in your 'Order History' you will see your last attempt with a 'delayed' status. You can re-order by clicking 'view order' and then 're-order' on the items you want to try again then try your card payment on the secure SagePay system again. The delayed order will be removed by the system after a few days and will not be processed automatically.
Q: When can I expect my delivery?
A: Log into your order history, where you will find an estimated delivery date. If it is a small order, it will go by post. Otherwise it will be delivered by courier, anytime before 4pm on the estimated delivery date.
Q: How will I know when my order is despatched?
A: You will receive an email notification from our despatch department.
Q: The system is asking me for a 3D secure password, what is that?
A: You will find a full explanation by following the 3D Secure link on the home page.
Q: What quantities can I have and how much are the items?
A: You can see the quantities and prices when you log into the catalogue. On each image is a small 'i' (for information) click on the 'i' and the pricing will be displayed. You can make amendments in your shopping basket.
Q: I don't live in the UK - what is the cost of delivery?
A: Delivery details are based on standard UK addresses. However if you live outside the UK or in Ireland, the delivery charge which appears will still be based on a UK delivery and there is a chance your order will fail. Delivery charges for addresses outside the UK and Ireland have to be calculated manually.
Q: The courier called while I was out - will I still receive my parcel?
A: The courier should leave you a card stating they tried to make the delivery; call the telephone number on the card to re-arrange the delivery with the courier company. If the courier tries to make the delivery and fails 3 times, your parcel will be returned to Printwell. There will then be an extra £10 charge to re-send the parcel.
Q: I get to the basket and the system won't allow me to go any further.
A: At the bottom of the page you will see a variety of options; please click 'continue' & the system will refresh and allow you to complete your order. If you are unable to see 'continue' this means you need to register yourself; please click on 'register' & fill in your details, the system will then allow you to complete your order.